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ACCA's Four Inputs Framework 

30 April 2014

ACCA produces research and thought leadership on a wide range of diverse topics, from micro-finance to the capital markets. Read the article


Cyprus: SME access to finance

06 March 2014

ACCA has commissioned independent research into the potential for improving SMEs in Cyprus access to finance in these challenging times.


Zombie companies: just a bad dream?

19 December 2013

Q3 of 2013 saw the first signs of a recovery in the UK, and with it a debate about the existence and prospects of so-called ‘zombie’ companies.


Capital Markets for SME Growth

18 June 2013

SMEs are the backbone of the global economy. With banks still reeling it is important that SMEs have access to the right funding to help them restore economic growth.


Alternative Finance Conference

16 May 2013

11 March 2013 ACCA held our first Alternative Finance Conference at ACCA’s headquarters in London.

Other Access to finance Articles


Export Finance - 08 May 2013

ACCA launched its Trade Finance research project in 2013 to explore the challenges involved in financing international trade and international businesses.


E-invoicing - 14 February 2013

ACCA's research reviews the extent and the drivers of e-invoicing adoption among UK SMEs.

High growth smes

High Growth SMEs - 16 July 2012

This report discusses the challenges, difficulties and the successes that Growth Oriented Entrepreneurs have in the US, European and BRICSA economies.


Emerging Economies: The Rise of Capital Markets - 20 June 2012

Capital markets rely on institutions and these in turn depend on the accounting profession. This paper considers how these relationships work and how policymakers can build on them

Small business

ACCA has over 100 years' experience of working with the SME sector. We lobby governments, regulators and standard setters in the long-term interest of a healthy SME sector, and we support professional accountants so they can continue to function as the sector’s most trusted business advisers and finance managers.

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About access to finance

Access to finance is one of the most important issues facing business today. ACCA champions accountants as trusted business advisers, understanding and devising routes for companies to access business financing. Read more about this theme.

Technical activities

An important part of ACCA's institutional work is to contribute to the debate on technical issues affecting business and accountancy and to represent the interest of its members in relation to the legislation and professional standards that they have to comply with in their work.

Global Forums

The Global Forum for SMEs brings together groups of experts from around the world to discuss issues that are critical to SMEs including access to finance. The Global Forum for the Public Sector looks at the challenges faced by governments and access to finance.