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Anu Jain, Panel Member, FCCA New Zealand

Anu has worked in accounting and finance for several years in large international companies in London and in Auckland. At present she works for Hawkins Construction in the corporate finance department.

Anu is committed to promoting ACCA's reputation and the enormous benefits and privilege of being an ACCA member in New Zealand and is keen to raise the profile of the ACCA brand with businesses. Anu has supported ACCA by attending numerous events and always strives to raise its profile, promote its reputation and help potential students by telling them how much she has gained from being ACCA qualified.

As a newcomer to New Zealand four years ago, Anu felt like she was the only ACCA member there. As a result, she wants to focus on students while also providing support to existing members by mentoring, building lasting relationships with employers, recruitment agencies and the business community and by letting members know that she understands their needs.

Last updated: 21 Jan 2014