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Colin Savory, Panel Member, FCCA WA

Born in London, Colin spent his early career in manufacturing, financial services and investment banking in the UK before moving to Europe. Over the next seven years he worked mainly in France but also Switzerland, Italy and Austria, where he loved the challenges of new languages, cultures and people. ACCA as an educator and a brand helped facilitate these moves between both industries and countries.

While working in London, he met his wife and they decided to move to Australia, where his ACCA qualification fulfilled the visa requirements. They now live in the wonderful city of Perth.

Having benefitted from membership of ACCA over the years, Colin is keen to enhance the recognition of ACCA in Australia, ultimately raising the profile with both employers and recruiters. Rather than study for a similar local accounting qualification, he has complemented ACCA with membership of The Tax Institute (ATIA) and is on track to qualify as a Chartered Secretary this year.

Having recently emigrated to Australia he is fully aware of the challenges faced by new arrivals and is keen to promote the brand and improve services provided to members wherever possible. He has worked on two long-term contracts in Australia, most recently for the Federal Government as a Financial Accountant.

Last updated: 17 Jan 2014