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Finance manager

Xerafy, Shanghai

Amanda Gan

Amanda Gan

Amanda Gan’s accountancy career recently changed significantly when she moved from a financial consultancy to a technology company. 'Everything about the way I worked before and now is different,' she says.

'I previously worked as a professional consultant but now work for a manufacturer of a patented technology products. This means that the business sectors are very different, internal procedures and the way of accounts setting are different - even the way we communicate internally is different as my new colleagues have different backgrounds to those of my former fellow consultants.'

Amanda works for Xerafy, a global technology company and leading provider of 'Read-on-Metal' tags - highly durable tags that allow organisations to tag and track small metal assets such as tools, medical devices and IT equipment.

'I am finance manager of Xerafy,' says Amanda. 'I manage the daily operation of the finance team, manage and develop internal procedures, and also oversee key accounting functions.' These functions include the preparation of management accounts, and overseeing group reporting and internal management reporting, while adjusting China GAAP to International Financial Reporting Standards; working with multiple stakeholders to prepare forecast, budgeting and planning procedures; training and developing the accounting team; managing internal HR issues; and acting as legal coordinator with the external legal advisors.

Amanda’s career to date has certainly prepared her for such a wide-ranging brief. Having graduated from university in in both law and accounting, Amanda began her career with the financial consultancy, working there for five years, and eventually rising from the position of supervisor to associate consultant.

This experience helped Amanda develop her skills in HR, business evaluation and accounting, and she also found her ACCA studies further accelerated her professional development: 'I registered with ACCA in 2008 and I am sure that my studies helped me gain my current job, because they helped me develop a comprehensive understanding of business which has proved very useful. I plan to become a member as soon as I finish my exams,' adds Amanda.

'Once I have gained the ACCA Qualification, I know I will find membership a highly valuable professional resource, which will allow me to upgrade my knowledge and my professional understanding. It is also recognised by many global companies so it also brings great opportunities for career enhancement.'


Photograph supplied by Amanda Gan.