The global body for professional accountants

We aim to be the leading global professional accountancy body in reputation, influence and size by 2015. We will deliver this primarily – though not exclusively – through our members.

What we do is therefore centred around creating and maintaining a global supply of professionally qualified accountants, who are trained to the same high standard, and who are demanded by employers around the world. Through the ACCA Qualification, we equip talented individuals, regardless of background, with the skills to meet the needs of the changing business environment and the ethical understanding which means they act in the best interests of those they serve. By doing this, we deliver both economic and public value around the world.

Value creation model

Our people


Having the right people with the skills and capability to deliver our strategy is essential to ACCA’s success. In 2011-12, we have continued to invest in employee development by rolling out leadership training further throughout our workforce and moving our national offices away from transactional to more strategic engagement with our customers in market, where they can add genuine value. We have also re-designed our performance management process for employees so that it links more directly to our overall strategy and worked to build the ethical understanding and behaviours of our people through an internal campaign around the importance of public value.

Our brand


Our brand promise fundamentally stems from our members, who possess the skills required by employers across all sectors and who commit to high standards of professional conduct and ethics, and to ensuring their skills and knowledge remains up to date. For ACCA, therefore, our qualifications, professional standards, support for lifelong learning and our programme of global quality assurance and regulation directly support our brand reputation. To achieve the brand recognition members desire, we invest in our reputation and influence with employers around the world. More widely, our ability as an organisation to innovate and lead and shape the future of the profession helps define our reputation and influence in the marketplace. To achieve this, we need to present our brand consistently in all markets and communicate our brand promise widely through all available channels – and increasingly online.

We need to ensure we develop leading research and insights and consistent and compelling policy positions which influence the debate and are represented in the right forums. The ability to create and innovate links directly to the quality of our employees and their belief in our strategy and core values, and the strength of the relationships we enjoy with employers, members, academics, standard setters and other influencers.

We also need to ensure customers have access to effective, online service support to ensure the brand is known for consistent and reliable customer service.

Our relationships


ACCA's web of relationships with our customers (members, students and employers), professional bodies, governments, regulators, standard setters, learning providers and academic institutions, suppliers etc. is vital to our ability to operate now and also to develop in the future, through seeking and acting on feedback. In 2011-12, we have worked even harder to understand our customers’ needs and used their views to develop products and services that better meet their requirements and aspirations. Going forward, we will invest even more heavily in our customer relationships as we know they will be central to our future success.

Our finances


ACCA seeks to maintain an operating surplus each year in order to ensure our long-term sustainability. In order to continually improve what we do, we reinvest a significant proportion of our income in projects and initiatives we believe will make us the leading global professional accountancy body in reputation, influence and size. In 2011-12, we invested £15 million in these developmental projects.

Our infrastructure


ACCA has 83 offices and centres around the world from which it operates including its London headquarters, where corporate functions are located, including education, brand, people, governance and regulation, and its global operational centre in Glasgow, Scotland, which deals with all global transactional service delivery, finances and IT support.

Natural capital


In common with all organisations, we rely on natural capital in order to operate. Further details of the effect our footprint has can be found in our CSR Statement.

Last updated: 13 Jan 2014

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