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All members are required to submit a CPD declaration each year, no matter what CPD route is followed. Once you have met the requirements you can submit your annual CPD declaration online at any point in the year by logging into myACCA.

Alternatively, you will receive a paper version as part of your annual membership renewal notice. Your CPD declaration should be returned to ACCA by 1 January of the following year.

The process is simple: you need to indicate your CPD route; indicate if you are involved in the audit of historical financial information; and confirm that you have kept your professional ethics up to date.

Members who have not been able to meet the CPD requirement are given an option to declare this on the form, and ACCA will contact them to ensure they make up any CPD shortfall. You will need to make a replacement declaration to notify ACCA when you have made-up the shortfall

There is clear guidance accompanying the CPD declaration which will help you should you have any queries. You should be aware that the failure to submit your CPD declaration on a timely basis, or complete your CPD as required, could result in removal from the register. However, if you are facing difficulties with CPD please contact ACCA as soon as possible, as you may have completed the requirement - or be eligible for a different route or a waiver - without realising it.

Login to myACCA to complete your annual CPD declaration online.


Last updated: 3 Nov 2014

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