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We continue to safeguard our reputation and that of our members by ensuring that the highest professional and ethical standards are adhered to.

We conduct reviews of members' CPD annually and select a sample of members to ensure they are maintaining their knowledge and skills. We may get in touch with you to ensure that you are undertaking CPD activity.

We will provide feedback to you on your CPD activities and, where necessary, will give you guidance and support to help you meet the requirement.

In cases where members do not cooperate with the review process (for example by failing to respond to communications or submit their CPD records), they may be removed from the register of members.

What happens during the review process?

The review process will differ, depending on which CPD route you have followed. Essentially, the review team look for a clear record of your CPD activity. The section ‘Keeping CPD evidence’ will guide you on what information you need to keep so that your records are up to date. If you used the online evidence record, we will only access this with your prior permission.

Additionally, members are asked to complete a CPD activities questionnaire. This will enable us to confirm that the CPD requirement has been understood and will assist us in our approach to CPD reviews.

What to do if you're selected for a review

The accompanying 'related document' outlines what you should do if you are selected, at random, for a review of your CPD records.

Last updated: 27 Jan 2015

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