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Since the summer 2013, ACCA has conducted a number of roundtable events globally. They involved experts and practitioners from public and private sectors, from financial services, consultancies and relevant academic fields. Additional resources from the ESRC allowed for a comprehensive assessment of most markets as discussions were hosted in Europe (London and Brussels), the US (New York), the Middle East (Dubai), Asia (Hong Kong) and India (Bengaluru).

The project briefing [available to download on the right column] served as an introduction to all discussions. It explains the factual grounds on which the research is based and it develops a set of hypotheses to guide the conversation. These make references to case studies of corporate failures and to academic work on organisational culture, uncovering the extent of further research needed in this particular field.

The roundtable briefing is an overview of the main issues addressed during the early roundtables. It discusses the efficacy of regulatory frameworks in promoting functional corporate behaviours and the role of boards in setting the right tone.

ACCA also commissioned a consultancy firm, specialised in the psychological aspects of management practices, to review the academic literature. It does not include the literature from all the relevant academic disciplines, or the growing body of literature following various inquiries into things that went wrong e.g. in banking, health care, oil and gas. It provides, however, an interesting theoretical support from a psychology perspective.

The research and findings also informed an online survey that ACCA distributed to 120,000 of its members in April 2014. The survey is now open to public completion and results will feed the final report to be issued in June 2014.

Last updated: 11 Apr 2014