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Public Accounts Committee report - HMRC’s progress: improving tax compliance, preventing tax avoidance: Statement from Chas Roy Chowdhury, head of tax at ACCA

Uncertainty in tax collection affects prospective tax receipts, and PAC’s report shows there are still challenges with tax collection in the UK…

United Kingdom 18 Nov 2014

Government needs to put stability ahead of headlines

ACCA offers advice to Chancellor ahead of December’s Autumn Statement…

United Kingdom 17 Nov 2014

5th edition of the Ethics in Finance - Robin Cosgrove Prize

Brussels launch hosted by MEP Karas in collaboration with MEP Swinburne…

Belgium 14 Nov 2014

Educators come together to talk about the complete finance professionals of tomorrow at ACCA event

An event which explored how aspiring finance professionals can be fully prepared for the demands of today’s business world, was held in Warsaw by ACCA …

Poland 12 Nov 2014

The administrative amendments for smaller companies must not compromise true and fair view of accounts says ACCA

ACCA responds to a BIS consultation on the UK implementation of the EU accounting directive…

Europe 11 Nov 2014

Taxman’s new powers need to walk a fine line

Tackling offshore evasion may have unintended consequences…

United Kingdom 31 Oct 2014
Belgium 29 Oct 2014
United Kingdom 28 Oct 2014

EU Council agreement on EU 2030 climate and energy policy framework targets: a positive signal for the rest of the world, according to ACCA

The accounting profession can play a major role in developing strategies and solutions in response to the carbon challenge, says ACCA…

Belgium 24 Oct 2014

The Government is paying lip service to the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission says ACCA

Politicians face a simple choice – act on the recommendations of the Commission or face a lost generation…

United Kingdom 20 Oct 2014