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Council held a scheduled meeting on 21 June 2014.  The guest presenter at the meeting was Katrina Wingfield, Chairman of the ACCA Regulatory Board, who presented the Board’s annual report for 2013.

The Regulatory Board was established in 2008 and brings together all of ACCA’s arrangements for regulation and discipline in a single entity.  The Board stands at arm’s length from Council and the majority of its members are lay individuals.

The report of the Board for 2013 focused on the introduction of legal advisers to provide input to disciplinary and regulatory committees, the increased number of hearing days in 2013, the successful introduction of a case management system and ACCA’s relations with lead regulators.

This was the last report to be presented by Katrina Wingfield, who will complete the maximum term of six years as Chairman of the Board in September 2014. Council took the opportunity to thank Katrina for her valuable contribution as the first Chairman of the ACCA Regulatory Board.

A number of other issues were considered in Council’s formal sessions:

  • With regard to strategic issues, Council discussed the outcomes of the recent member satisfaction survey and key learning points, together with a summary of actions taken to address concerns raised in the surveys. Council also broke into workshop groups to discuss ACCA's brand competitive strengths and potential challenges. This was in the context of one of the key strategic outcomes of the 2020 Strategy – Lead.
  • Council agreed recommendations from Nominating Committee regarding membership of boards and standing committees in the coming Council year. It also, on a report from Governance Design Committee, approved amendments to Council’s standing orders for adoption at the Annual Council meeting in September, as well as guidelines for the use of social media by Council members.
  • Council approved the consolidated financial statements and corporate governance statement for 2014, together with the text of ACCA’s 2013 – 2014 Integrated Report. It also approved the Notice of Meeting for the 2014 AGM. The reporting suite of material will be available on ACCA’s website from the end of July, together with information relating to the AGM and Council elections. Members are encouraged to engage with ACCA by submitting their votes by the closing date of 11 September.
  • Council considered a paper providing feedback on the Council meeting in Dubai and related events and noted that the visit was successful in positioning ACCA as a strong supporter of the local profession and in facilitating engagement with key stakeholders.  Council also noted that successful regional visits had taken place to Oman, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
  • Council agreed to reaffirm its policy of holding an international Council meeting every two years. It also agreed in principle that the international Council meeting in 2016 should be held in Singapore, with associated visits by smaller groups of Council members to a number of other markets in the region.
  • Council received a number of briefing papers updating members on various matters including the Flexible Exam Delivery Support programme, the development of ACCA’s global forums and the implementation of ACCA’s corporate IT plan.

ACCA’s AGM will be held at 1pm (BST) on Thursday 18 September 2014 at 29 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2.  

The AGM will be followed by the Annual Council meeting, at which ACCA’s Officers for 2014 – 2015 will be chosen.