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For the first time, we have asked stakeholders what they would like to see in ACCA's external reporting. To identify the topics stakeholders might want to see reported, we started with a five-part materiality process, from which we identified nearly 700 potential reporting issues, which we clustered into 44 topic groups. We then asked focus groups of members, students and employees, and a cross-section of wider stakeholders, to rank these topics by importance to them. This group of 44 topics was looked at by a cross-section of senior ACCA staff and Council members who helped to cluster these down further to 28 discrete topics. These topics are ranked by importance to our stakeholders (y axis) and importance to our leadership (x axis) on our materiality matrix.

Materiality matrix

As this materiality work has been completed late in our 2011-12 reporting cycle, we do not have agreed measures for all these topics. We have reported against each of them from the information we currently collect and have aimed to reflect their significance in the balance of our reporting. However, we have undertaken our stakeholder engagement in quite a modest way this year and need to develop it further before we can rely on it fully to shape the direction and content of our reporting. We aim to develop this aspect of our reporting further in 2012-13, as part of our involvement in IIRC’s integrated reporting pilot programme.

Last updated: 3 Feb 2014

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