Underpinning your skills and experience, our global quality assurance (GQA) initiative is designed to reassure the public and other regulators that the highest standards and best practice are being encouraged and, where appropriate, enforced.

If you work outside the UK and Ireland, you’ll also be supervised by the national regulator of the country where you provide public practice services. If they already have a programme of regulation and monitoring in place, we’ll only carry out work not covered in their programme, so as to avoid unnecessary duplication.

Different countries can have different business practices and markets, so we’ll also be flexible in how we monitor members’ compliance with certain of our rules and regulations.

A collaborative approach

We can either help national regulators to set up regulation and monitoring systems in exchange for them providing regulatory information on our members or offer to provide monitoring services to them.

For instance, in Tanzania we trained the national regulator’s reviewers how to complete monitoring visits and, in exchange, they provide us with regulatory information on ACCA members they monitor. In Cyprus, we carry out monitoring on behalf of the national regulator and so get regulatory information on our local practising members.

We’ll only directly monitor our members in countries where there’s currently no regulation or no intention of setting up a system of regulation or monitoring. In these cases, we’ll adapt our tried and tested monitoring methodology from the UK and Ireland.

Desktop monitoring

In those countries where we don’t directly regulate our members through monitoring visits, we carry out desktop reviews instead. 

This involves sending out a questionnaire which members complete and return to us. We also ask you to provide documentary evidence demonstrating your compliance with certain rules and regulations.

Again, we won’t duplicate the work of the national regulators if their rules and regulations are similar to ours.