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For all exam resources including Past Papers please click on any of the exams listed on the right hand side menu.

Syllabus and study guides: to help you plan your study and to provide detailed information on what could be assessed in any examination session.

Please note:
F1-P7 syllabuses only: In the Related documents section below are the syllabuses for the ACCA Qualification for February 2013 to January 2014 for F1-F3, and for June 2013, December 2013 and June 2014 for all remaining papers. Please note that for papers F4 to P7 (except F6 and P6) we have extended the exam year to include June 2014. For full details of the study guide and examinable documents updates please see the detailed syllabuses and study guides for the particular paper you are interested in by clicking on that specific paper.

Past papers: to prepare you for the types of questions you might face.

Examinable documents: guidance which you may need to use in the exam is provided where necessary. It is updated in September each year, and becomes applicable for all exams taken after the start of the next June exam session.  It remains valid for the following year.

Examiners’ reports: these reports are produced following each exam session and provide an overview of candidates’ performance, highlighting where they performed well and looking at questions that caused difficulties.

Examiners’ guidance: this group of resources complements the examiners’ reports and offers further guidance on each exam. The examiners’ approach articles and interviews cover the main themes of each paper, giving information on how the exam is structured, advice on exam technique, tips on how to succeed and avoid potential pitfalls. The examiners' analysis interviews build on the approach interviews and cover student performance in examination sessions, highlighting where they are performing well, less well, and how they can improve their performance.

Technical articles: on key examinable topics to support your study.

Exam technique videos: videos with experienced tutors providing guidance on how to approach answering certain questions from our exams.

Information on the Practical Experience Requirement

Information on the Professional Ethics module

To find the right resource for you, please click on one of the links below:

Fundamentals Knowledge

  • F1 Accountant in Business
  • F2 Management Accounting
  • F3 Financial Accounting

Fundamentals Skills

  • F4 Corporate and Business Law
  • F5 Performance Management
  • F6 Taxation
  • F7 Financial Reporting
  • F8 Audit and Assurance
  • F9 Financial Management

Professional Essentials

  • P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics
  • P2 Corporate Reporting
  • P3 Business Analysis

Professional Options (two to be completed)

  • P4 Advanced Financial Management
  • P5 Advanced Performance Management
  • P6 Advanced Taxation
  • P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance

To pass the ACCA Qualification you need to pass the exams, complete the Practical Experience Requirements and the Professional Ethics module. For answers to frequently asked questions, please click on the link in the Related links.

Please note that we do not permit, under any circumstances, the unauthorised copying, reproduction or translation of ACCA qualifications.

For further details, please download our copyright statement from the Related documents below.

Last updated: 24 Oct 2014

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