In 2016 we introduced four exam sessions a year, providing both students and employers greater flexibility to schedule their exams at a time and pace that suits them. Learn about the new exam calendar and the different ways you can plan your exams around the four exam sessions.

ACCA exam sessions will now take place in:

  • March
  • June
  • September
  • December

What difference will four sessions make to me?

Here is just some of the feedback we have received from students and employers on how the four sessions will affect them:


  • "I can spread my exams over the sessions, helping me to maximise my chances of success"
  • "I can better fit the exams around my life"
  • "I can take resits quicker - helping me to progress through the qualification quicker"
  • "Taking my resits earlier could help me take an extra exam each year, helping me to progress faster"


  • "We now have greater flexibility to fit exam sessions around our peak periods"
  • "The additional exam sessions fit better around our recruitment and appraisal cycles"
  • "We can better align with local learning providers to provide the type of tuition support we need, when we need it"

How will you use the additional exam sessions? To help you decide, you can read some of our student stories and find out how their personal circumstances and motivations will affect how often and when they plan to schedule their exams.  

Dual session exam booking

Additionally, you can now be entered for two consecutive exam sessions at the same time, with dual session booking. This means that you if you plan ahead you can always take advantage of the cheapest exam fees. Find out more about dual session exam booking

For help planning your exams around the new calendar, try our exam planner


Last updated: 11 Oct 2017