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ACCA’s Aidan Clifford rounds up some changes Irish accountants should be aware of.

This article was first published in the February 2012 edition of Accounting and Business Ireland magazine. 

The EU Commission has presented a new approach to ensure that the EU responds better to the needs of small businesses. From now on, the European Commission will seek, wherever possible, to exempt micro-enterprises from EU legislation or introduce special regimes so as to minimise the regulatory burden on them. As of January 2012, the Commission will:

  • Step up the search for exemptions or lighter requirements for micro- enterprises in existing and new EU legislation;
  • Strengthen the processes by which micro-enterprises and other SMEs are consulted when reviewing existing EU regulation and preparing new EU laws; and,
  • Produce annual scoreboards to evaluate the real benefits for businesses and to ensure a continuing focus on their needs and interests.

Last updated: 31 Mar 2014