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Members of ACCA are required to adhere to the highest standards and comply with ACCA’s regulations, including our code of ethics and conduct. If they undertake regulated work such as auditing and insolvency services, they are monitored to ensure they comply with relevant regulations and standards.

The ACCA Quality Checked scheme was established 10 years ago to complement the monitoring of regulated work. It monitors firms involved in unregulated general practice work, such as accounts preparation and taxation. The aim of the scheme is to help ACCA firms maintain high standards of customer service by encouraging them to adhere to principles-based quality control standards and to implement procedures that are considered best practice in the profession.

The best practice procedures recommended can be applied to ACCA firms wherever they practise around the world.  Further details of the scheme and what constitutes best practice can be found by visiting our related links section on the left.

Look out for firms that hold the ACCA Quality Checked award

ACCA firms that demonstrate that they have established a high standard of quality control in a wide range of activities, including those typically carried out by small and medium-sized practices, are awarded the ACCA Quality Checked award. These firms are allowed to display the ACCA Quality Checked logo.

Quality Checked

A list of firms that hold the ACCA Quality Checked award can be found by following the links below:

ACCA Quality Checked firms in postcode order
ACCA Quality Checked firms in alphabetic order

ACCA Quality Checked assessments

To be awarded ACCA Quality Checked, a firm has its quality controls and procedures assessed by a member of ACCA’s monitoring team. The assessment covers all the professional services the firm provides as well as how the firm manages its practice. A non-technical review is also undertaken at the firm’s offices to confirm that the quality controls and related procedures are working effectively.

How often is it checked?  

All firms that have been awarded ACCA Quality Checked have the award revalidated every six years. Firms are encouraged to carry out an annual self–assessment between these checks.

Last updated: 14 Nov 2014