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EU’s continued funding is vital support for global standards, says accountancy body

ACCA welcomes the endorsement by the European Parliament of the proposed regulation for a Union programme in the field of financial reporting and auditing 2014-2020…

Belgium 13 Mar 2014

FutureLearn teams up with ACCA to provide free online courses for professional recognition

The University of Exeter will develop the first massive open online course (MOOC) to be sponsored and accredited by ACCA, called ‘Discovering Business in Society’ …

Global 13 Mar 2014

‘Does more information increase the flow of credit between businesses?'

An international study supported by ACCA reveals the importance of trade credit and the global differences in accessing it …

Global 12 Mar 2014

Global corporate governance consultation launched by ACCA

Corporate governance should be much more about ensuring companies create long term sustainable value…

Global 11 Mar 2014

Now is the time to reform stamp duty, say accountants ahead of Budget

Chancellor urged to update tax system for the modern economy…

United Kingdom 11 Mar 2014

ACCA issues guidance to audit committees on how to enhance the quality of their reporting to shareholders

New guidance called Enhancing the value of the audit committee report published today by ACCA seeks to help corporate audit committees provide greater transparency about the relationship between corporate audit committees and the external auditors they commission…

Global 7 Mar 2014
Global 7 Mar 2014

Pensioners face 55% tax penalty for saving too much

Public sector workers will be hit by ‘retirement tax’ Act now or pay later, says ACCA …

United Kingdom 6 Mar 2014

ACCA Council Members on market visit to understand accountancy profession’s role in unleashing economic potential

Bangladesh, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and UAE on fact-find itinerary in March 2014…

Global 6 Mar 2014

Business leaders join ACCA Finance Transformation think-tank

Forum appoints joiners to bring new thinking to the transformation debate at ACCA …

Global 3 Mar 2014