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Osborne’s fiscal policy is storing up problems for future generations

In a number of his Budget speeches to date the Chancellor George Osborne has boasted of ‘fixing the roof while the sun shines’, although his drive to clear the Budget deficit is just storing up problems for future generations to deal with, says ACCA…

United Kingdom 15 Jul 2015

Systemic underinvestment is dragging down business’ finance functions

Almost 1 in 2 finance professionals say annual budgets are 'politically agreed numbers', which cease to be relevant after they’re set…

Global 14 Jul 2015

Renew your tax credits or risk losing them

Deadline for tax credits renewal is 31 July…

United Kingdom 14 Jul 2015

A solid start but the Chancellor should have been bolder

ACCA responds to George Osborne’s summer Budget…

United Kingdom 8 Jul 2015

Luxembourg has a crucial role to play in regaining EU citizens’ trust, says ACCA

ACCA welcomes the open approach chosen by the Luxembourgish Presidency, but warns that the opportunity to give European people hope for a better future in a united Union should not be missed…

Belgium 7 Jul 2015

Small businesses may be missing out on funding because they do not value their own investments in innovation, warns a new report

Small businesses may be missing out on accessing finance, investment opportunities and potential tax breaks because they are failing to properly measure and report the value of their ideas and innovations, a new ACCA report produced by Nesta, the UK’s innovation foundation, and IP valuation specialists Inngot, has warned …

Global 7 Jul 2015

Chancellor needs to explain implications of postponed rail plans for the northern powerhouse

ACCA urges Chancellor to end uncertainty of rail upgrade future…

Global 6 Jul 2015

Professionalism and ethics key priority in partnership between ACCA and Isik University

Students who will enter a new accounting and auditing program at Isik University will have a greater opportunity to gain an internationally recognised professional qualification on graduation, following an agreement between the university and ACCA …

Turkey 3 Jul 2015

Reform or Repatriation? What does Cameron’s shopping list mean for the EU and Britain’s future in it?

Benefits of the UK’s EU membership outweigh its costs; open debate on reform to improve the EU is necessary…

Belgium 2 Jul 2015
Global 2 Jul 2015