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MIA and ACCA sign agreement to benefit thousands of finance professionals

The Malaysian Institute of Accountants and ACCA signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which will result in them working together to develop the profession in Malaysia and the wider region…

Malaysia 5 Nov 2014

Two Leading Global Accounting Associations Announce Signature Research Programme

ACCA and IMA to Collaborate on Futures-Related Research and Professional Resources…

Global 4 Nov 2014

Global economy facing dangerous period of uncertainty, says worldwide survey of finance professionals

The global economy is entering a dangerous period of uncertainty, according to the latest findings of the largest regular global survey of finance professionals…

Global 3 Nov 2014

Taxman’s new powers need to walk a fine line

Tackling offshore evasion may have unintended consequences…

United Kingdom 31 Oct 2014

University of Limerick opens special route for ACCA students in China

ACCA and University of Limerick signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Shanghai, to open a special application route to master degrees for ACCA students from mainland China…

Global 30 Oct 2014
Belgium 29 Oct 2014
United Kingdom 28 Oct 2014

EU Council agreement on EU 2030 climate and energy policy framework targets: a positive signal for the rest of the world, according to ACCA

The accounting profession can play a major role in developing strategies and solutions in response to the carbon challenge, says ACCA…

Belgium 24 Oct 2014

ACCA and IMA Global Survey Finds “Robust Recovery” For Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Investment environment improved for UK SMEs who are ‘back in the game’…

Global 21 Oct 2014

The Government is paying lip service to the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission says ACCA

Politicians face a simple choice – act on the recommendations of the Commission or face a lost generation…

United Kingdom 20 Oct 2014