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European Parliament backs non-financial reporting deal

ACCA welcomes the endorsement of the non-financial reporting and diversity rules by the European Parliament…

Belgium 15 Apr 2014
Global 15 Apr 2014

Africa’s progression and growth: Business leaders to hear about new developments and discuss key issues at ACCA Convention

The critical role of business leaders in securing growth opportunities for African businesses in an increasingly competitive global economy is to be debated at high level conference organised by ACCA in Johannesburg, South Africa…

Africa and The Middle East 11 Apr 2014

New rules to improve shareholder engagement and corporate governance reporting

ACCA welcomes the company law and corporate governance package, adopted today by the European Commission …

Belgium 9 Apr 2014

No standstill on standards for auditing

ACCA comments on the strategy and work programme of the IAASB for 2015-2016…

Global 9 Apr 2014

The EU must place a greater emphasis on effective public financial management for the benefit of its citizens

The European Court of Auditors will have an ever increasing role to play when it comes to the effectiveness of EU public financial management, says an EU auditor’s essay in a report from ACCA…

Belgium 8 Apr 2014
Myanmar 7 Apr 2014

Parliament brings the audit reform to its final stages

ACCA welcomes the endorsement of the audit package by the European Parliament …

Belgium 3 Apr 2014

Falling corporate income tax revenues not down to aggressive tax planning, says new research

Academic critique of the global tax system published by ACCA…

Global 1 Apr 2014

Public Accounts Committee Chair: Auditors must act to halt waste of £billions of taxpayers’ money

Transparency of private sector in delivering public services is ‘sub-standard’, says ACCA’s global public sector finance chief…

Global 1 Apr 2014