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Unleashing entrepreneurial potential and reigniting entrepreneurial spirit in Europe

The Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan is timely and entails constructive proposals The challenges will however lie in their implementation and the resources allocated by member states, and require an effective mobilisation of all stakeholders, including SME advisers and intermediaries - were the main conclusions of a recent joint UEAPME-ACCA roundtable in Brussels…

Europe 25 Jan 2013

All ACCA Members now have access to a US Management Accounting Credential

Bachelor’s degree requirement waived for ACCA members seeking CMA certification…

Global 25 Jan 2013

Tax system should not be used to regulate banks, warns ACCA

ACCA presents evidence to the Committee for Banking Standards Panel on tax, audit and accounting…

United Kingdom 24 Jan 2013

Prestigious academic award for ACCA’s small business expert

National accountancy lifetime achievement award given to Professor Robin Jarvis…

Global 24 Jan 2013

ACCA awards Standard Chartered Bank with global accreditation

Standard Chartered Bank joins a distinguished group of organisations that have achieved global accreditation for the support it provides to employees worldwide who choose to train to become ACCA members…

Global 21 Jan 2013

The Action Plan on Corporate Governance and Company Law: What's in it and Why?

European economies have been faltering We look to the business sector to generate the growth on which economic recovery depends…

Europe 16 Jan 2013

ACCA welcomes committee’s call for rethink of public sector audit plans

The report by the Local Audit Bill Ad Hoc Committee which has highlighted potential risks and gaps in the draft legislation which would result in the abolition of the Audit Commission, has been welcomed by ACCA …

United Kingdom 16 Jan 2013

Helping small businesses to be sustainable can make a huge difference to the environment, says ACCA

Policy makers, regulators and finance professionals must help small businesses adopt sustainable business practices – since their huge environmental impact is currently being overlooked, says ACCA …

Global 14 Jan 2013
Global 9 Jan 2013

'Is corporate Canada ready for the green economy?' asks ACCA

CBSR says accountants play critical role in ‘embedding sustainability into business operation’ …

Canada 4 Jan 2013