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Finance leaders in key global markets to identify current and potential challenges

ACCA and Deloitte are embarking on a joint international project that will explore current and anticipated future challenges in narrative reporting, from the perspective of finance leaders around the world. 

Today's corporate reporting is scrutinised by a wide range of stakeholders, leading to many demands being placed on the annual report. This new study will look at the extent to which these demands vary in different countries, how they shape the views of finance leaders who are responsible for narrative disclosures and the current and future challenges around narrative reporting in annual reports.

CFOs and FDs of listed companies are being surveyed in nine key and varied international markets. ORC, a leading market research agency, has been commissioned to undertake the survey, which will gather the views of CFOs and FDs on the challenges of preparing narrative disclosures and on future trends in different reporting environments.

Following the survey, selected CFOs and FDs will be interviewed for their in-depth perspectives on narrative disclosures in different jurisdictions. A number of investors will also take part, giving their insights on the value of narrative disclosure and how it might be best developed in the future.

'As a result of global economic conditions, the value and relevance of narrative reports is very much in the spotlight,' said Dr Afra Sajjad, who is leading the project on behalf of ACCA. 'This new project, investigating the perspectives of both preparers and users of narrative reporting, will we hope broaden the discussion on the usefulness of narrative disclosures in annual reports.

'In particular, the international dimension to the survey will enable policy makers and standard setters to focus on the future development of narrative reporting, content and scope from a global perspective.

'As our aim is to produce a discussion-generating and opinion-forming international report, we are delighted to be working with Deloitte, a firm that has been leading the debate on the current state and future of narrative reporting in the UK.'

The report will be published in September 2010.

For more information, please contact:

Afra Sajjad
Narrative reporting theme leader

Helen Perkins
Narrative reporting campaign leader