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ACCA and RMIT University Vietnam sign memorandum of understanding.

ACCA has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with RMIT University Vietnam that will promote and create global opportunities for accountancy students in Vietnam.

As part of the agreement - which was officially signed in Ho Chi Minh City on 4 January 2011 - ACCA is to offer annual scholarships to the highest achieving students, as well as undertake event sponsorships, and create learning and training programmes for both students and teachers. ACCA will also assist in the evaluation of the syllabus of the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business courses in those modules associated with accountancy.

The MoU underlines ACCA's strategy for greater cooperation between both local and international universities in Vietnam.
'The cooperation with RMIT University Vietnam today, and with other universities*, speaks for itself about how hard we are working to drive professionalism in the field of accountancy,' said Len Le, head of ACCA Vietnam.

'It also proves that the link between educational institutions and professional organisations and associations is essential, while the world economy undergoes increasingly adverse volatility and continuous changes.'

RMIT president Professor Merilyn Liddell added: 'RMIT Vietnam has been operating a successful undergraduate programme in accountancy for several years at our Saigon South campus, and this was extended to Hanoi in 2009.

'We are seeing the emergence of some wonderful accountancy graduates now, and this new link with ACCA will help us continue to strengthen that performance over time.'


* ACCA also signed agreements with the following institutions:

  • Foreign Trade University
  • Academy of Finance
  • Vietnam Tax Consulting Association
  • University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City
  • Economic & Business college - National University in Hanoi
  • University of Economic & Law - National University in HCMC.