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ACCA’s (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Council held a meeting on 20 September

Council held a meeting on the morning of 20 September at which it considered a number of important issues.

  • It received the regular report from the Chief Executive on ACCA strategic developments, the organisations’ performance, key market developments and research and insights and technical developments.
  • It considered a paper providing feedback on the Council meeting in Nairobi and noted that the event was successful in reinforcing ACCA’s position as a key supporter of the profession in Kenya and in Africa as a whole.  Council agreed to reaffirm its policy of holding an international Council meeting every two years.  It also agreed in principle that the international meeting in 2014 should be held in Dubai with associated regional visits to Bangladesh, Oman, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
  • Council agreed to appoint Frances Walker and Rosalind Wright as lay members of the ACCA Regulatory Board with effect from September 2012 and to appoint David Thomas as a lay member in September 2013.  The Regulatory Board comprises a majority of lay members and is chaired by a qualified lawyer.

Council then held its Annual Meeting on the afternoon of Thursday 20 September, following ACCA’s 107th Annual General Meeting.  Members voting at the AGM gave overwhelming support to the various resolutions before the meeting; the minutes of the AGM will be circulated to all members in the November edition of Accounting & Business.

At the Annual Council Meeting, Council chose ACCA's Officers for the coming year.  ACCA's new President is Barry Cooper and he will be supported by Martin Turner (Deputy President) and Anthony Harbinson (Vice President).

Council also welcomed one new member whose election was declared at the AGM – Orla Collins, who is based in Ireland.  There are 16 different nationalities represented on ACCA's 36 member Council, over one third of whom are female, thus continuing to reflect the increasing diversity of the organisation as a whole.

Council took a number of other decisions at its Annual Meeting:

  • It approved Council standing orders for 2012 - 2013, in accordance with the bye-laws.
  • It chose three Council members to serve on Nominating Committee in 2012 - 2013, along with the Officers
  • It agreed a Council work plan and a set of objectives for the Council year 2012 - 2013.

The next meeting of Council is on 24 November, which is immediately after the 2012 meeting of the International Assembly.