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Forum members’ expert views and sound opinions help to shape and define ACCA’s policies, research and technical responses to key consultations
—Neil Stevenson, executive director - brand, ACCA

New joiners to global forums announced by ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

Leading academics, senior finance professionals from the public and private sectors, and business experts from around the world have agreed to join ACCA’s Global Forums, adding their expertise and knowledge to the 10 Forums which were launched in September 2011. 

Neil Stevenson, executive director brand at ACCA commented: 'I am delighted to welcome these new Forum members. ACCA Global Forums exist to look at the challenges and opportunities for the accountancy profession generally, while also focusing on specialist areas such as tax, audit and corporate governance. 

'Forum members’ expert views and sound opinions help to shape and define ACCA’s policies, research and technical responses to key consultations.'

The following Forums have new members:

Global Forum for Business Law

  • Chama C Kamukwamba - company secretary, Black Management Forum Investment Company Limited, South Africa 
  • Philmore Alleyne - lecturer in accounting, University of the West Indies, Barbados
  • Philip Morrice - practitioner, UK

Global Forum for Corporate Reporting

  • Amanda Cogsdill – senior manager of banking audit, KPMG, UK
  • Mark Garfield – senior manager of corporate real estate, Morgan Stanley, UK
  • Peter Ujvari – accounting policies manager, Delhaize Group, Belgium
  • Thomas Egan – head of group accounting policy and advisory, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore

Global Forum for Governance, Risk and Performance

  • Diana Weekes-Marshall – lecturer in accounting, University of West Indies, Barbados

Global Forum for Public Sector

  • Helen Despretter - business analyst, Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), UK
  • Kevin Ross -  group head of financial reporting, HM Treasury, UK
  • Kemraj Reetun - assistant director, National Audit Office of Mauritius
  • Malcolm Prowle – professor, Nottingham Trent University, UK
  • Nida Naeem – independent consultant, Pakistan
  • Uresha Waltpitagama – Ministry of Finance, Sri Lanka 

Global Forum for Taxation 

  • Bill Husthwaite - regional tax manager, Shell, Singapore 

Neil Stevenson concluded: 'Robust policy development lies at the heart of ACCA’s thinking and helps us to engage with policymakers right around the world. Our Global Forums deliver public value – which for ACCA means acting in the public interest, promoting ethical businesses and growing economies.'