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Treasury – the perfect addition to your skill set

What is treasury?

Businesses must raise money to pay for what they need to run that business. Treasury knows how and where to raise money and how to get this money, together with the money from profits, to where it needs to be. Treasury knows how to invest spare cash safely. It understands the risks a business faces and how to measure and respond to them. Treasury is a key enabler of business strategy and driver of shareholder value.

What is the difference between accountancy and treasury?

Treasury is not accountancy, however the two complement each other perfectly.

Accountancy is a key function in any organisation keeping all financial transactions in order. Treasurers are strategic financial managers managing the liquidity of a business and their decisions directly impact the profit, loss and financial health of a company. The most effective CFO’s combine the two skill sets to ensure they’re approaching all their decisions in the most informed manner.

Where can I find out more about treasury?

The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) is the chartered body for treasury professionals. The ACCA and the ACT are partner professional bodies, working together to further the development and raise the profiles of finance professionals.

More information about the ACT and treasury as a profession can be found at

How can I expand my skill set?

If you’re looking to open doors to further career opportunities, then look no further. The ACT sets the industry benchmark qualifications and training for treasury. Whether it’s a one day training course to get a flavour for what treasury is, or if it’s a more formal qualification, you can be sure you’ll be complementing your existing skill set with a globally recognised mark of excellence.

More information about ACT qualifications and training can be found at

Special rates for ACCA members

Short courses: ACCA members have a preferential rate for ACT short courses. You can take advantage of the discount by ticking the accounting body box when booking. For more information visit

Qualifications: Qualified ACCA members are exempt from the Certificate in Treasury Fundamentals (CertTF) meaning you can fast track straight onto the Certificate in Treasury (CertT). In addition, you are exempt from Unit 3 of CertT. For more information visit



Last updated: 18 May 2015