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UT Bank

Name: Pearl Esua-Mensah

Pearl Esua-Mensah

Job title: Deputy managing director

Sector/business area: Banking

Size in country: Over 600 staff and 25 branches with an annual turnover of about 34 million Euros.

Organisation details: UT Bank is a lending bank offering a fast, efficient service delivery and loans in less than 48 hours.

From humble beginnings as a privately-owned company, UT Bank is now one of the fastest growing banks in Ghana having evolved into a publicly-owned company with shares listed and traded on the Ghana Stock Exchange. 

Deputy managing director, Mrs Pearl Esua-Mensah explains how ACCA trainees and members are helping the organisation achieve its goals. ‘They are very well-qualified personnel,’ says Esua-Mensah. ‘They ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements regarding finance in the company’s reporting and also contribute significantly towards setting corporate strategy.’ 

When recruiting staff for its finance function, UT Bank looks for candidates with a well-rounded skill-set. Esua-Mensah tells us more: ‘We look out for talented professionals who pay attention to detail but who also have softer skills and are not only interested in crunching numbers.’ She goes on to add, ‘They must also have the potential to develop others and have a high sense of integrity.’

Esua-Mensah likes that ACCA makes resources available for members to develop themselves. The bank also develops its ACCA people by enrolling them on technical and managerial programmes, which count towards their professional development. ‘We also put them on various projects where they are exposed to other areas outside finance but relevant to their progression in the company.’ 

ACCA already features in UT Bank’s plans for the future. Esua-Mensah reveals that they will be participating in ACCA events and forums, and that they will continue to recruit ACCA qualified finance professionals. She concludes, ‘The rigour of the ACCA Qualification ensures that members of the association have a level of discipline and dedication, which can only benefit future employers.’