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Czech Republic

Edwards Services, Czech Republic

Name: Pavel Sustek

Pavel Sustek

Job title: Finance SSC manager

Sector/business area: Vacuum engineering

Size in country: 500 staff overall (Finance SSC has 70 staff) 

Organisation details: The Finance Shared Service Centre provides end-to-end process finance support to ten Edwards entities in the US and Western Europe.

Edwards Services recruits finance professionals at various stages of their careers. Development potential, drive, motivation and honesty are therefore key areas of focus in the hiring process. 

However finance SCC manager, Pavel Šustek, has noticed another quality that helps Edwards Services to achieve its goals: ‘ACCA students and members deliver better results and higher efficiencies than the others. They are also able to absorb additional challenging tasks and therefore accelerate their career. All of this results in higher talent retention, increased continuity and ultimately improved customer satisfaction,’ he states.

So what does Edwards Services do to maintain these valuable resources? ‘Our ACCA students are primarily trained by PwC Business Academy’, Pavel explains. ‘We also organise internal workshops that are focused on improving understanding of specific topics, exam techniques and application of newly learned accounting knowledge in day-to-day life.’ 

Edwards Services has worked closely with their local ACCA office in Prague to gain formal recognition of both their commitment to providing learning and development opportunities for their trainees, and their support for the continuing professional development of their qualified finance professionals. As a result they now hold ACCA Approved Employer status at Gold level for both their trainee development and professional development.

Pavel is clear about how Edwards Services benefit from the relationship with ACCA and why they plan to continue working closely with us: ‘The ACCA Qualification and training programme are critical for identifying and developing our talent, and also improving customer satisfaction in our SSC’.

He concludes, ‘ACCA is highly business orientated, practical, innovative and demanding while placing significant emphasis on ethics in respect of its students and members’.