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United Arab Emirates

Ernst & Young

Name: Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy

Job title: Managing partner 

Sector/business area: Professional services organisation 

Size in country: The Dubai office has 11 resident partners and employs over 500 people. 

Organisation details: Ernst & Young is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. The Middle East and North Africa practice of Ernst & Young has been operating in the region since 1923. For over 87 years, it has evolved to meet the legal and commercial developments of the region. Across the Middle East, they employ over 4,200 people united across 20 offices and 15 Arab countries. Ernst & Young has been operating in Dubai since 1966 and is the largest professional services organisation in the country.  

A business degree is just one of the criteria Ernst & Young Dubai look for when recruiting finance professionals. The organisation lists their other ‘must have’ qualities as having passion, integrity, a drive to excel, a recognition of diversity and being a good listener. 

So how are ACCA trainees and members helping Ernst & Young Dubai to achieve their goals? Managing partner, Joe Murphy, explains: ‘Our strategy involves hiring the best people to produce high quality work which will in turn yield growth. Employees who complete the ACCA Qualification help us to achieve our goals by sharing their knowledge and using their experience to create leverage in the business.’  

In particular, Ernst & Young value the basic competencies that ACCA trainees and members possess such as familiarity with auditing standards and International Financial Reporting Standards; understanding of accounting principles and financial reporting; as well as their grasp of significant business and accounting processes.

The organisation’s success in meeting its ambitious growth targets is dependent upon its ability to recruit high calibre graduates and quickly develop them into high performing professionals. ‘People who pursue the ACCA Qualification gain a valuable knowledge of organisational management and strategy along with in-depth understanding of finance and accounting,’ says Murphy. ‘It offers a flexible and well-structured training path and is also one of the most cost-effective training programmes available.’  

Ernst & Young provide their ACCA trainees with balanced work experience, career development opportunities with support for gaining professional qualifications, and on the job and structured classroom training. In recognition of this excellent support, the organisation holds ACCA’s highest level of accreditation as a Platinum ACCA Approved Employer – trainee development.

But learning doesn’t stop with qualifications and the organisation is also recognised for the continuing professional development (CPD) they provide to their ACCA members. ‘We work closely with ACCA globally and with the local ACCA office in Dubai on providing the required support to our people who are pursuing the ACCA Qualification and also to ensure that they comply with ACCA CPD requirements’, says Murphy. 

Do the future plans of Ernst & Young feature ACCA? ‘Our global strategy commits us to maintaining and growing our market leadership,’ concludes Murphy. ‘One of our core strategic drivers in helping us achieve this objective is our people and we are committed to working with ACCA in recruiting the very best people, developing them and creating an engaging culture in which they can excel. We also continue to work with ACCA in exploring further opportunities to fulfil our corporate responsibility.’