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NHS Scotland

Name: Ali MacPhail

NHS Scotland

Job title: Learning & development adviser, national leadership unit

Sector/business area: Health 

Size in country: Largest public sector employer in Scotland

Organisation details: The mission of NHS Scotland is to improve the health of the people of Scotland and modernise the delivery of healthcare services. 

Ali MacPhail explains how, when recruiting finance professionals, NHS Scotland looks at a range of factors going beyond technical competence, such as values with regard to public sector working. ‘We place an emphasis on the ability to work collaboratively with other professionals in the service and always strive for best value for the public pound.’ 

‘The NHS is committed to good governance standards and ensuring that people in posts are qualified to an appropriate standard to fulfil the role they are in. Just as we require our clinical staff to have the highest level of knowledge, we expect the same from our finance colleagues. ACCA trainees and members contribute to the professionalism in the NHS and help to ensure we deliver an appropriate service to the public.’

Getting the best value for public money also means that the NHS is committed to delivering the support and development their employees require, ensuring everyone is fit for the challenges the organisation will face in the coming years. ‘ACCA has been helpful in addressing how we support existing students and members, as well as looking at how we can support the entire workforce to cope with the challenges ahead,’ says MacPhail. 

‘With the current financial climate, the NHS is under unprecedented financial scrutiny – not just from the Government, but from the general public,’ she acknowledges.  ‘As well as this, the way we provide and design services in future will be radically different from now. We know that ACCA will be an important partner in developing our professional colleagues but also in highlighting emerging issues that they have experience and knowledge of.’

MacPhail concludes: ‘ACCA’s active support in developing both student and qualified colleagues is important to the NHS in Scotland. We appreciate the personal and positive approach ACCA offers, helping us to plan creative offerings for the wider community.’