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Trinidad and Tobago

Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Limited

Name: Jane Quesnel

Jane Quesnel

Job title: Manager, training & learning, human resources

Sector/business area: Financial Services

Organisation details: Scotiabank is incorporated in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and offers a range of banking and financial services.

Scotiabank is one of Trinidad's leading financial institutions. The bank has a strong focus on individual customers, employees and shareholders and concentrates on building a solid community presence. To help them stay focused, they recruit a select group of finance professionals with a particular combination of qualifications, experience and behavioural competencies. A combination they find in individuals who hold, or are pursuing, a prominent financial qualification like ACCA.

'ACCA trainees and members help our organisation run more efficiently by applying the skills and techniques that they acquire through the ACCA Qualification,' explains Jane Quesnel, manager of training and learning at Scotiabank. 'ACCA provides them with a diverse skill set which is relevant to the current business environment and enables them to make the right decisions in the ever-changing financial world.'

Scotiabank invests in their ACCA people throughout their careers, with a particular focus on the practical aspect of accounting. Their mentorship program has a dedicated stream which pairs ACCA members with ACCA students, giving qualified staff an opportunity to share their knowledge and help develop trainees. Post-qualification, continuing professional development is a recognised priority: 'We place ACCA qualified staff in leadership roles which help them develop functionally and behaviourally,' adds Quesnel.

Regular networking sessions involve both ACCA members and students and feature presentations that benefit both groups. 'These sessions enhance the competences of our ACCA members and students,' says Quesnel. 'We want to encourage our staff to attain distinguished qualifications like ACCA.'

Activities are not restricted to in-house. Senior Scotiabank staff are well placed to brief new students and graduates about the realities of the corporate world and the importance of the ACCA Qualification in business. From breakfast seminars to networking sessions, ACCA and Scotiabank work together on a variety of platforms to share their knowledge and support finance professionals.

It's a close relationship that Scotiabank values. 'We like the fact that ACCA stays current and it is always evolving to meet the changing needs of its students, members, employers and the public at large,' confirms Quesnel. 'We will continue to provide support wherever we can be of value to students and members of ACCA.'