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Chris Claiter, cfi project accountant, Simon Fraser Univeristy, Canada

Essential for all finance professionals
I wanted to update my knowledge of international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and have a certificate to demonstrate to employers that I had a basic understanding of IFRS. Accounting bodies and countries worldwide are converging with IFRS. In order to prepare financial statements that will adhere to guidelines it is essential for all finance professionals to have a firm grasp of IFRS.

Convenient for busy professionals
When I was completely new to IFRS, I completed a lot of self-study to begin with. I purchased the relevant textbooks, made detailed notes for myself and went through some practice questions prior to taking the assessment for CertIFR. I found this approach to be particularly helpful in gaining knowledge about IFRS. I took the assessment in 2007 and I found it to be up to date - the questions on the assessment all tied into the material I had read in preparation.

After having done a substantial amount of studying for IFRS, I found CertIFR useful for proving that I had acquired introductory knowledge about IFRS. The most appealing aspect of this course was that you can take the assessment online, which makes it very convenient for busy professionals like me.

A good course for introductory knowledge
This is a good course for someone wanting to gain an introductory knowledge about IFRS, but if they need a more detailed understanding of IFRS for their job I would recommend that they take ACCA’s Diploma in IFRS instead. I am glad I took this course, as it provided me with a general understanding of IFRS, which will help me get my next position that requires me to have this knowledge.

Last updated: 3 Jul 2012