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Tejas Shah, deputy manager - finance and accounting, Adani Welspun Exploration Ltd (Adani Group), India

Better prospects for the future

I regarded it as an opportunity to analyse and learn international financial reporting standards (IFRS) thoroughly. I registered for the Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DipIFR) in 2009 and I was sure that my studies would help me to gain growth in my current job and provide better prospects for the future. DipIFR is also recognised by many global companies so it also brings great opportunities for career enhancement.

IFRS have become significantly more important over the last few years both for local, national and international companies. If a finance professional does not know IFRS then they will soon be out of their field! It is essential to learn about IFRS to keep global opportunities open to you.

Recognised globally
Prior to DipIFR I completed a certificate in IFRS from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. But I wanted my skills to be recognised globally and ACCA is one of the most recognised institutions in the world. And DipIFR is a globally recognised course on IFRS.

The DipIFR exam covers IASB structure and process, all IFRS, international auditing standards and related elements of financial statements. So in preparing for the exam, I had to go through all related material thoroughly. This has sharpened my knowledge and skills. I also found the course very up to date as it included recent amendments and newly published IFRS.

Sharpen your skills
I think this is a really excellent course if you want to sharpen your skills and be recognised in your company, as well as with employers globally. DipIFR is great value for money and can be done from most of the parts of the world.

In my workplace, the skills I gained by completing DipIFR were recognised and I was given the opportunity to work on IFRS implementation. And now in my current company I am leading the IFRS implementation team. Thanks to my Diploma, I was recognised at work by being given a better salary and by being promoted.

Last updated: 3 Jul 2012