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ACCA upholds the high standards and best practice we encourage and enforce by actively seeking and maintaining recognition of our qualifications with key statutory and education regulators. By putting ourselves under the scrutiny of regulators in both the relevant regulated professions and the educational environment, we are adhering to the strict criteria and guidelines on qualification provision that they set.  As independent oversight of the quality of our qualifications, this ensures that we are conforming to best practice in the field of professional qualification delivery.   

Education recognition of ACCA's qualifications adds value for our students and members, enabling their access to regulated jobs, further study and in some cases funding for tuition.  We work with a variety of education regulators worldwide to assist in making this value easily understood and transferable to other markets and professions.

ACCA acts in partnership with professional bodies and education regulatory bodies to offer guidance and assist in the development of policies for the recognition of professional qualifications.

A comprehensive guide to the recognition held by ACCA and our qualifications can be downloaded from the related documents section.

Last updated: 25 Sep 2014

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