The global body for professional accountants

Our qualifications develop people with the technical expertise and business insight to deliver added value across the whole delivery model from the retained finance function through to shared services and outsourced providers.

Foundations in Accountancy provides a test of the core knowledge needed in a shared and outsourced service environment, including cost control, AP, AR and financial reporting as well as the essential understanding and context of the role of accountants in business. With multiple entry and exit levels, Foundations in Accountancy qualifications help you to reach new talent pools and develop competent employees cost effectively. Those with the potential for advancement to expert, analytical and managerial roles can be fast tracked to the ACCA Qualification.

The ACCA Qualification delivers the knowledge, skills and professional values needed by people in expert and high value analytical roles within shared and outsourced service centres. It equips professional accountants to transform the finance capabilities of organisations through their in-depth skills in finance strategy, business analysis, investment appraisal, cost control, financial management, performance management, risk management and financial reporting. ACCA training can also be used to retain the best and brightest of your more junior staff by providing a development path beyond Foundations in Accountancy and enabling them to progress their careers into roles higher up the value chain and into senior positions.

Designed for professional accountants and auditors qualified in national accounting standards, we offer certificate and diploma qualifications in international financial reporting. With more businesses reporting in IFRS, these qualifications are invaluable in helping validate that your professionals have the required knowledge to deliver expert services to clients or retained finance functions.


Last updated: 30 May 2012