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Tutor profile: Tom Clendon

What did you do before becoming an ACCA tutor?
I was working for KPMG, in their insolvency department, dealing with bankrupts and liquidations.

Why did you become a tutor?
It was a challenge. I saw it as an opportunity. I have stayed in the profession for so long, over 20 years because I love teaching and it has also given me the opportunities to do different things as well as teach. For several years I headed up and ran the tutor training programme for Kaplan in the UK and that was a buzz. I learnt so much from colleagues. For several years I was a director which I juggled with my teaching. I have taught across Africa, in Pakistan, China, the West Indies and in Asia Pacific. In addition to exam-based training I have delivered some CPD lectures to local societies. I have also delivered train the trainer courses for ACCA at their international tuition provider conferences which was great fun. Last year having previously been based in London I relocated to Singapore and now lecture for FTMS in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.

What makes a great tutor?
Great tutors come in all shapes and sizes. The common values that great tutors share are I think a passion to teach, an ability to make it simple and an awareness of how great it is to earn a living doing something that you enjoy. Great tutors are good story tellers. Great tutors are themselves lifelong learners who continue to look to improve. Great tutors are motivators.

How is the accountancy profession changing and what does it mean for students?
I think it becoming more competitive and more global. Having a professional qualification (with the PER) has never been more important.

What's the best part of teaching and what's the hardest?
The best part of the job is results day. The hardest part of the job is results day.

Would you recommend becoming a tutor and why?
No. Without sounding too pompous it is a calling. So I would never persuade anyone to become a tutor. It is a great job but you have to really want to do it and have the necessary skill set.

What's your favourite subject area?
I am lucky enough to teach the financial accounting stream, so I get to explain concepts and to illustrate the point with numbers. The best of both worlds.

What's your teaching style?
Exam focused. Engaging. Varied. Irreverent. Committed. Passionate. Structured. Sensitive. Exam focused (again).

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Lives in: Singapore
Employer: FTMS Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam
Specialism: financial reporting

Last updated: 20 Mar 2014