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Planning your approach to CPD will help you to focus on maintaining the knowledge and skills you need in your current role – and, if appropriate to you, help you progress your career ambitions.

Thinking about your CPD also has the added advantage of allowing you to plan your approach. Some members do not plan their CPD and then find themselves having to complete all their activity at the end of the year. Others make the assumption that that CPD is all about courses and events and don’t realise that other types of learning (e-learning or learning at work) may be more effective for their needs.

ACCA Compass

ACCA Compass allows you to assess your level of experience and skill and compare this to a recommended market average for 20 different job titles. As a result, this process will help you identify areas that require further development - making the planning element for your CPD requirement much simpler. You can also identify the skill sets required for the positions that you aspire to, which will help you move up the career ladder.

To complement ACCA Compass, we have developed a career pathways guide for members working in public practice. You can download this Career Pathways guide from the Related Documents section below.

Professional Development Matrix

Acting as an electronic coach, the Professional Development Matrix (PDM) is designed to help you to identify your preferred learning style and the knowledge, skills and expertise you may need in either your current role, or in roles which you are interested in for the future. It will also help you to produce a personal development plan.

The PDM will enable you to:

  • evaluate the best and most effective way to obtain CPD
  • produce personal role profiles, by referring to other members' profiles, that help identify the knowledge, skills and responsibilities required of a specific role
  • manage time and resources effectively by prioritising CPD needs and activities
  • schedule personal reminders to revisit priorities and CPD plans at a future date.

Access the Professional Development Matrix (PDM) by logging in to myACCA using the related links at the left of this page.


Last updated: 13 Aug 2014

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