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The ACCA Rulebook is launched in January of each year. It is important to note that some years there will be a small number of changes, and some years a large number of significant changes.

About the ACCA Rulebook

The Rulebook is a valuable asset to our members and students, and to firms. It contains the bye-laws, regulations and the Code of Ethics and Conduct with which members are required to comply.

The Rulebook 2015 includes a number of changes to ACCA's rules and regulations. The Rulebook Commentary, below, provides an overview of the main changes, which came into effect in January 2015.

Members of the Association of Authorised Public Accountants (AAPA) should refer to the Schedule of Applicability to AAPA members in the AAPA memorandum, articles and bye-laws which are located below.

Using the rulebook

Once opened, in order to navigate the Rulebook, click on the bookmark icon to the left of the screen. Click the plus sign to the left of a title to expand the listing. There is also a search facility.

Last updated: 4 Nov 2015