The Disciplinary Committee deals with any disciplinary matters referred to it by an independent assessor, following an investigation by ACCA of an allegation made against an ACCA member, firm, registered student or non-member bound by the ACCA disciplinary regime.

The Admissions and Licensing Committee deals with all admission, re-admission and licensing issues.

The Appeal Committee hears appeals from decisions of the Disciplinary Committee and the Admissions and Licensing Committee.

All Committees are independent of ACCA.

Our Panel

The current members of ACCA's Panel are listed below. The Panel combines lay and accountant committee members, chairmen and legal advisers, as well as disciplinary assessors and regulatory assessors. Members of ACCA's Panel are independent decision makers and their appointment is overseen by ACCA's Appointments Board.

Addyman, Lindsay
Auger, George
Barnett, Fiona
Beckerlegge, Jonathan
Bentall, Hazel
Bragg, Patrick
Broad, Jonathan
Cann, Michael
Capgras, Hannah
Carter, Helen
Charbit, Valerie
Christou, Christos
Chrystie, Judith
Clarke, Robert
Coats, Margaret
Cohen, Maurice
Comyn, Joseph
Cook, Allan
Craggs, Patricia
Crawley, John
Cusack, Cathal
Davis, Martin
Douglas, Kathryn
Douglas, Peter
Faulkner, Trevor
Ferry-Swainson, Richard
Gallone, Susan
Gibbon, Juliet
Glover, Judith
Granville Stafford, Andrew
Griffiths, Stephen
Hamilton, John
Havard, Robin
Hay, Robin
Hay, William
Heaney, Michael Conor
Hughes, Leighton
Jacobs, Lorna
James, Anthony
Jewell, Philip
Jones, Lynne
Kainth, Sandeep
Kamal, Arif
Kavanagh, Helen
Kellock, James
Kitchen, Helen
Lal, Sanjay
Lamb, Michael
Lemonides, Constantinos
Leong Gary
Marshall, David
Matthews, Suzan
McCarthy, Suzanne
McClay, Gerard
McFarlane, Alastair
Menin, Catherine
Moulder, Paul
O'Reilly, Garrett
Ormerod, Pamela
Owen, (David) Grahame
Page, Jonathan
Papps, Alastair
Patrick, Graeme
Pearson, David
Picken, Barry
Popat, Surendra
Ridd, David Ian
Ross, Iain
Rossiter, Wanda
Royden-Turner, Joanne
Ruffell, Mark
Sahota, Billjinder Singh
Salmon, Trevor
Salter Michael
Seager, Gillian
Shergill Jetinder
Shuja, Lubna
Skinner, Eileen
Sukkersudha, Ruby
Tranter, George
Venables, Judith
Walsh, John
Way, Judith
Weiss, Edward
Whelan, Noreen
White, Andrea
White, Graham
Whittle-Martin, Miss Lucia
Wilson, John
Yeadon, Wendy