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The quickest way to apply for ACCA is to complete your ACCA registration online, including uploading all your supporting documentation and making an online payment. This is our recommended application method.

If there are reasons why you cannot upload supporting documentation and/or make an online payment then you can still apply by post by completing an online application and posting supporting documentation and payment.

To complete a partial online application you will need to:

  • Complete the relevant sections of the online ACCA registration form
  • Print the .pdf at the end of the online application process and attach supporting documentation
  • Send - along with your payment - by registered post to ACCA, 110 Queen Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom, G1 3BX.

Don't forget to allow adequate time for postal delivery services from your home country to the UK.

You should check with your local postal delivery service first, to find out about delivery times to the UK. Or, you can view the delivery times listed below. The timings we show are only a guide. ACCA cannot take responsibility for delays in the postal system.

Postal delivery times

Country/RegionDelivery TimePostal Service
Bangladesh3 daysDHL (recommended service)
Bulgaria2 daysInternational courier service
Bulgaria14 daysLocal mail service
Canada4 daysXpresspost - International
Caribbean3 daysInternational courier service
Caribbean14-28 daysLocal mail service
Caribbean14 daysRegistered mail
China(Beijing)2 daysDHL
China(Beijing)5 daysEMS (Express Mail Service)
China(Beijing)15 daysLocal mail service
China(Beijing)20 daysRegistered mail
China(Guangzhou)5 daysInternational courier service
China(Guangzhou)10 daysLocal mail service *
China(Shanghai)5 daysEMS (Express Mail Service)
Cyprus3 daysInternational courier service
Cyprus7 daysLocal mail service
Czech Republic1 dayDHL
Czech Republic3 daysLocal mail service
Ethiopia20 daysLocal mail service
Ghana3 daysDHL
Ghana14 daysLocal mail service
Greece2 daysInternational courier service
Greece14 daysLocal mail service
Hong KongN/AOnline applications only
Hungary1 dayDHL
Hungary5 daysLocal mail service
Iran28 daysLocal mail service
IrelandN/AOnline applications only
Malawi7 daysLocal mail service
Malawi7 daysRegistered mail
Malawi7 daysEMS (Express Mail Service)
Mauritius14 daysLocal mail service
Mauritius4 daysInternational courier service
Middle East14 daysLocal mail service
Moldova2 daysInternational courier service
Moldova21 daysLocal mail service
Nepal15 daysLocal mail service
Nigeria3 daysInternational courier service
Nigeria10 daysLocal mail service
OmanN/AOnline applications only
Pakistan25 daysLocal mail service - ordinary post
Pakistan10 daysLocal mail service - international post
Pakistan5 daysInternational courier service
Romania2 daysInternational courier service
Romania14 daysLocal mail service
Russia14 daysLocal mail service
SingaporeN/AOnline applications only
Slovakia1 dayDHL
Slovakia5 daysLocal mail service
Sri Lanka3 daysCourier service (using National Office)
Sri Lanka10 daysLocal mail service
Uganda5 daysLocal mail service
Uganda7 daysRegistered mail
Uganda2 daysInternational courier service
Ukraine7 daysLocal mail service
Ukraine9 daysRegistered mail
Ukraine2 daysInternational courier service
UKN/AOnline applications only
US5 daysUSPS - Express Mail International
US10 daysUSPS - Other
Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City3 daysLocal mail service
Zimbabwe6 daysVia Local Office *
Zimbabwe4 daysInternational courier service
Zambia3 daysDHL
Zambia4 daysEMS (Express Mail Service)
Zambia5 daysRegistered mail

Last updated: 29 Nov 2016