The certificate breaks down specific standards topic-by-topic and examines them. There are many exercises, practice questions and sample answers for you to test your knowledge as you progress through the course. The interactive course content also includes a video from Bruce Mackenzie, who is part of the IFRS for SMEs Implementation Group at ACCA.

The online course includes all the study materials you will need, although 'you may find it helpful to read the Standard itself. The IFRS for SMEs can be accessed for free on the IASB website. Free registration is required to access this on the IASB site. 

Once you apply online, you will get access to the online course and assessments for six months. Typically, a student should take 20 hours to work through the course.


Studying this certificate can count towards CPD for ACCA members. ACCA’s CPD policy states that one hour of learning is equivalent to one unit. Learning is verifiable if it is relevant to your career, you can demonstrate how you have applied the learning and you can prove that the learning took place.

If you are achieving your CPD via the unit route, studying this certificate may fully meet your 40 unit CPD requirement for one year. In this case you can carry forward up to 21 verifiable units to the following CPD year.


If you decide to take the one-hour multiple-choice assessment, you must pass within three attempts. The pass mark is 50 per cent. If you fail, you are allowed two attempts to re-sit this assessment. All attempts at the assessment must be within six months of access to the online course. If you fail after three attempts at the assessment, you will need to pay a further registration fee and will be offered another three attempts to pass the assessment.