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This report uses a survey of 1,245 executives in order to assess how personalities, external support mechanisms and internal structures determine firms’ ability to innovate.

Nurturing Europe's spirit of enterprise: how entrepreneurial executives mobilise organisations to innovate

Innovation is a prerequisite for corporate growth. This study looks at how best to nurture and encourage those who put forward innovations, and it provides research about the types of employees who are valuable in conceptualising and implementing ideas.

The study underscores the need for nurture of existing resources through designated innovation budgets. And it recommends enhancing finance departments' entrepreneurial status due to the crucial roles played by them in fostering innovation.

If you would like to help us understand more about the process of innovation, you too can take the survey by clicking here:

ACCA / Forbes Insights / Ipsos Observer Enterprise and Innovation Survey

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Published: 6 Dec 2011