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Finance Leaders Survey - 11 December 2012

Survey by ACCA and IMA shows that cost reduction, financial control, and the emerging responsibility of forecasting are the top three priorities for today’s finance leaders


Women in finance - 10 December 2012

Finance background helps women get boardroom positions, says new report by ACCA


The changing role of the CFO - 19 November 2012

This report summarises four roundtable events that discussed the changing role of the CFO


The CFO in Singapore - 15 November 2012

ACCA Singapore, in partnership with the Singapore CFO Institute have released two research reports this year looking at the ‘value of the modern CFO’

Finance transformation

Talent management in a shared services world - 28 September 2012

When finance functions incorporate shared services, new questions arise in relation to talent management outcomes.


A view from CFOs in China - 26 September 2012

Views from CFOs at ACCA's roundtable events on The Value of the Modern CFO held in Beijing and Shanghai in September 2012

PwC and ACCA Finance Effectiveness Survey

PwC and ACCA Finance Effectiveness Survey - 07 September 2012

The PwC-ACCA Finance Effectiveness Survey is a collaborative effort between PwC Singapore and ACCA Singapore.

Adoption of finance SSO models: a CFO perspective


Sourcing Success brings together the views of CFOs around the world on the adoption of finance shared service and outsourcing models.

Comply or delay

Women in boardrooms - 05 August 2012

The UK’s ‘comply or explain’ model has successfully promoted best-in-class governance by setting aspirations rather than rules, but is not delivering gender-balanced boardrooms

A more effective mix

A more effective mix - 01 August 2012

Despite more women now entering the accountancy profession than men, gender stereotyping is still holding them – and the whole profession – back


The Smart Finance Function

ACCA's smart finance function programme outlines the leading practices finance functions are adopting in their goal to becoming smarter; delivering the insights that make a real difference to corporate performance, effective stewardship of the enterprise and mastery of finance operations.

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The forum brings together leading industry experts and senior finance executives from around the world to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing today’s finance leaders.

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