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Finance transformation


ACCA Singapore, in partnership with the Singapore CFO Institute have released two research reports this year looking at the ‘value of the modern CFO’

These reports set out insights drawn from roundtables of both CEOs and of board directors and their perspectives on what makes a good CFO.

The first report published in April focused on the views of board directors. Through direct interactions with CFOs, directors are in a unique position to offer insight on the value of the CFO. They believed that CFOs are now required to go beyond their traditional role of balancing the books to a broader role of managing risks, preserving liquidity and maintaining shareholders’ confidence.

The second report, published in November, took the views of CEOs. They believe that their CFOs are operating in a much more challenging environment with an uncertain economic outlook and increased regulation. All the CEOs that took part believed that their CFOs have delivered significant value. It is also clear that they share a unique and close relationship with their CFOs which underscores the value that CFOs bring to their organisation.


Published: 15 Nov 2012