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Jamie Lyon

Name: Jamie Lyon

Role: Head of Corporate Sector

Organisation: ACCA

This report summarises four roundtable events that discussed the changing role of the CFO

ACCA, in partnership with IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) has been focusing on the changing role of the CFO. The financial and business landscape is changing: greater uncertainty for the global economy, fluctuating energy costs, rises in commodity prices, currency fluctuations, government deficits and cost cutting. All of this is happening alongside a shift of power from west to east and the rise of new emerging economies.

This is the global environment in which tomorrow’s CFO’s will operate. It presents challenges that they must face, and opportunities they must embrace. This report begins to consider these challenges by summarising the key issues and

This report discusses the future of the finance function, and in particular the changing role of the CFO. It draws on discussions from the ACCA Accountants for Business Global Forum, as well as insights from ACCA–IMA roundtables held in Shanghai, New York, Moscow and Zurich in 2012, which discussed the way in which the role of finance leadership is evolving.

From these, a common set of views emerged. These included emerging challenges in the areas of regulation, globalisation, technology, risk, transformation, stakeholder management strategy, reporting, talent and capability. This report discusses each of these in detail.


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Published: 19 Nov 2012