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Finance transformation


Views from CFOs at ACCA's roundtable events on The Value of the Modern CFO held in Beijing and Shanghai in September 2012

Chief financial officers live in a middle ground that requires them, in order to be effective, to be well versed on micro issues while keeping a firm eye on the big picture.

It can be a difficult balancing act, but one that is necessary for CFOs who take on critical leadership roles within large companies, work in partnership with the CEO to guide an enterprise forward all the while acting as an useful advisor to the board, said participants at ACCA roundtables on The Value of the Modern CFO held in Beijing and Shanghai in September.

In London, for example, CFOs are a “key part” of the city’s offer as the “only truly global” financial centre. As they are in London, high calibre CFOs are also key to the evolution of Shanghai as a financial hub.

Watch our interviews with the panelists to see what their views are on the changing role of the CFO.


Roberto Mello, Chief Financial Officer, GE Healthcare China
Roberto Mello
Annie Sun, CFO, EMC Computer system (China) Co., Ltd
Annie Sun


Bob Lockwood, PhD - Founder and CEO, Tiandi Energy
Bob Lockwood
James Pan, Finance Director, Greater China, Minor Food Group
James Pan


Martijn Vankan, Finance Director, Shell China
Martijn Vankan

Published: 26 Sep 2012