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Finance transformation

Finance transformation

A report from ACCA based on interviews with CFOs and HR professionals about their views on how adopting diversity in the finance function can help build a better business.

Diversity in the finance function goes beyond visible differences. Instead it is about diversity of experience, knowledge, cultures and backgrounds. By bringing together diverse teams businesses know they can expect the innovative thinking that is needed to steer them through the economic and global challenges they face.

ACCA's research 'Building a better business through finance diversity' demonstrates that diversity has moved beyond a 'nice to have' but to an essential component of business success. In particular the report highlights how:

  • New responsibilities for the finance function mean greater diversity of capabilities and experiences
  • Diversity is essential in a global finance function
  • Diversity in the finance function starts with great recruitment
  • Businesses need to encourage diversity of experience across the finance function into other functions
  • Businesses need to provide finance leaders and the talent pipeline with global experience.
Finance transformation

You can access the 'Five minutes on...' summary of the key findings but you can receive the full report free of charge if you contact us.

Published: 17 May 2012