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Finance Transformation


Survey by ACCA and IMA shows that cost reduction, financial control, and the emerging responsibility of forecasting are the top three priorities for today’s finance leaders

The finance professionals surveyed said that while they need to continue to firmly control the cost base, they must also sustain their businesses’ growth strategies by providing business insight to support decision making. Their biggest challenge is coping with “too many finance priorities.”

The survey also shows that finance leaders are involved with an increasing breadth of stakeholders. Some relationships with traditional stakeholders such as auditors and bankers remain high in importance, but increasingly, stakeholders like customers and suppliers are also becoming more relevant.

The report examines the following six key issues for CFOs:

1.    Current priorities

2.    The effectiveness of the finance function

3.    Finance function challenges

4.    The importance of different skills

5.    Identification of key stakeholders

6.    How finance leaders allocate their time


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Published: 11 Dec 2012