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Finance transformation

Maximising people power

This report is written by ACCA and KPMG and draws on both organisations' insights and experience.

It shows that organisations need to take a holistic approach to talent management, bringing together the goals of the organisation and needs of the individual. It also summarises key trends and gives examples of how companies have gained a competitive advantage through their approach to finance talent management.

As the global body for professional accountants, we recognise the value that effective finance functions can bring to organisations. Whether it's in times of economic growth, recession or recovery, finance professionals provide the information required by managers to make strategic decisions and achieve success.

Each member of the finance team has an important role to play - the challenge is to create the appropriate finance function structure and to provide the necessary support to enable each individual to work most effectively.

To find out more about Why talent management in finance matters watch the 48-minute webcast at ACCA's research and insights conference.


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Published: 1 Nov 2011