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Risk and reward: shared perspectives

Risk and reward: shared perspectives - 01 March 2011

This is a collection of 11 essays discussing different aspects of corporate responsibility and ethics.

Risk and reward

Risk and reward: tempering the pursuit of profit - 01 June 2010

This report reviews the circumstances leading up to the recent financial crisis.

Corporate governance and the credit crunch

Corporate governance and the credit crunch - 01 November 2008

Corporate governance and the credit crunch draws on a set of ten corporate governance and risk management principles.


Small business

ACCA has over 100 years' experience of working with the SME sector. We lobby governments, regulators and standard setters in the long-term interest of a healthy SME sector, and we support professional accountants so they can continue to function as the sector’s most trusted business advisers and finance managers.

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Failings in the areas of risk, reward, governance and ethics played a major part in creating the recent economic crisis. Businesses are under increasing pressure to balance risk and reward, and have recognised risk management, ethical business and good corporate governance as factors that underpin sustainable success.

Technical activities

An important part of ACCA's institutional work is to contribute to the debate on technical issues affecting business and accountancy and to represent the interest of its members in relation to the legislation and professional standards that they have to comply with in their work.

Global Forums

The Global Forum for Governance, Risk and Performance brings together groups of experts from around the world to discuss key issues relating to risk and corporate governance.